Churches look to give West Jackson a face lift

JACKSON, MISS –(WJTV) — Two churches in Jackson are looking to lighten up the darker side of the Capitol Street corridor.

Ronnie Crudup Jr. with New Horizon church says the church bought 150 homes in the area from the state. They plan to demolish the eyesores and build new homes for people to live in.

He says it’s a part of their Isaiah 58 project. The project places young professionals in South Jackson in an effort to bring an uplifting presence.

The Capitol Street area has been riddled with blighted property for years, Crudup says the church wants to change that.

“We want to bring pride back to the area,” said Crudup. “We hope to bring new activity and a fresh look to the community.”

Crudup also says Rose Mt. Church is joining in on the effort.

“A lot of people talked about it over they years, how can we corridor back to its hay day?  So this is the first start of trying to get this thing back going,” said Crudup.

He estimates new homes will be built within the next two years.



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