Mississippi River continues to rise

WJTV Photo

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – People in Warren County are still dealing with flood waters as the Mississippi River continues to rise.

As of Sunday waters had risen to 45.23 feet.

Officials say the river should crest at 46.5 feet. It is expected to crest on May 19th.

People living on Chickasaw Road in Vicksburg say their land floods at least one every two years.

We will keep you updated as the water rises.

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi River in Vicksburg has surpassed flood stage at 43.5 feet, Thursday. For those in Warren County, the flooding is nothing new in certain portions.

CAT MAN”When the water comes up more I park way up the road with my motorcycle and I have to paddle a mile to the railroad tracks,” says the man who calls himself Cat Man.

With a shovel in hand, he paddled his boat down Chickasaw Road which is now partially closed because of water.

“I have a big shovel that I paddle with because you’ve got to dig your way through the bark sometimes in the water,” says Cat Man. When asked why doesn’t he move, he said, “because I love it.” He’s lived in the area since 1985. “I live right on a lake. I catch fish. It’s beautiful. It’s doesn’t flood that often. You put up with a little bit of paddling and walking and you get to stay here.” Cat Man’s only complaint, “fighting off the snakes and the spiders and the ants that’s what the problem is.”

Warren County EMA Director John Elfer says they’re expecting an additional three feet of water. “We don’t anticipate any flooding of any homes,” says Elfer.


Roads are expected to flood especially in the northern portions of Warren County such as the Kings Community and Eagle Lake area.

The river is expected to rise until May 18th and crest at 46.5 feet.

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