Current Canton Mayor & Former Canton Mayor to face off in runoff election

CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) — The former Mayor of Canton will go head to head with the current mayor in Tuesday’s runoff election.

Mayor Arnel Bolden is making a statement with his campaign signs, telling voters to stay bold.

“I know that under my administration under the last four years, we’ve focused intently on economic development job creation and certainly improving our schools,” Bolden said.

However, Dr. William Truly’s campaign signs read the former mayor is looking to finish what he started.

“We were able to complete a lot. We had a $120 million worth of projects under our administration. Sadly to say, folks really didn’t know what it was that we were doing and I think that’s the thing that cost us the election,” said Dr. William Truly, Jr.

Four years ago, Truly lost the election to Bolden. During the campaign, both men have focused on ways to improve education.

“We’re building three new schools for the first time in our city’s history,” Bolden said.

“My main platform is the developmental minds of our children we want our children to be able to reason at 2 and read at 3,” Truly said.

Bolden and Truly have both created hundreds of jobs in Canton leading to successful economic development.

“My administration is the administration that brought a Walmart here which is a New York stock exchange $12 million project, produces $500,000 a year in sales taxes over a period of two years has produced over $4 million,” Truly said.

“Look at my track record I’ve put my words into action over the last four years creating over 3,500 new jobs and growth in our community, over $100 million in economic development in our city,” Bolden said.

The polls will be open on Tuesday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

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