Elections 2017: Poll results primary runoff elections

JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) – Election results are coming in from those parts of the state that had runoff elections today, May 16, 2017.

NOTE: Results are not yet official.  This post will be updated to reflect official numbers once they are reported.

In Canton, Mississippi former Mayor Dr. William Truly is projected to be the winner of the Democratic mayoral primary with 1,331 votes, representing just over fifty-five percent of the vote.

  • Arnel D. Bolden            1,080 votes (44.65%)
  • Dr. William Truly            1,331 votes (55.02%)
  • Write-in                                   8 votes (0.33%)



Handout from Clerk’s Office, City of Canton, Mississippi


The City of Jackson’s Ward Six will get a new council member.  As of this posting Aaron Banks has come out on top, knocking off candidate Ernest Alughter, Sr. with fifty-nine percent of the vote.

In the Pearl Republican race for Ward Three Alderman Johnny Steverson won the seat with sixty-seven (67) percent of the vote, beating candidate Becky Jones.

In Mendenhall’s Ward One runoff Donnie Thomas has won with sixty-seven (67) percent of the vote, defeating Dale Felcke.


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