NAACP wants softball tournmanet moved from Ole Miss because of state flag

Photo Credit: AP Graphics

OXFORD, Miss. (WJTV) — The Mississippi chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is against the Univerity of Mississippi hosting a regional NCAA softball tournament.

Since the Mississippi state flag has the Confederate emblem on it, the state’s NAACP is asking the NCAA to expand its ban to all NCAA sanctioned events and to relocate the Softball Regional Tournament that is set to start Friday, May 19 at Ole Miss.

Since 2001, the NCAA has not scheduled a “pre-selected championship,” such as a football bowl game, in a state where flags with the Confederate Emblem fly prominently. However, the NCAA allows schools in those states to host events in which the team earns a home field advantage.

“A ban on ‘NCAA postseason events that are not pre-selected’ is not enough,” says Derrick Johnson, Mississippi NAACP President, “It is not enough to oppose symbols of racism for baseball or softball regionals then conspicuously ignore that same racism for basketball and golf.”

“If the NCAA truly oppose states where the Confederate flag is flown prominently then they must oppose it in all instances were symbols of racism are prevalent,” he said.

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