Family of murdered 6-year-old boy speaks

JACKSON, MISS — (WJTV) The family of Kingston Frazier says they are being optimistic and are holding on to his memory.

WJTV sat down with Frazier’s great uncle David Archie and Kingston’s younger cousins.

Archie said when he heard the news that Frazier was kidnapped he rushed to the Kroger on I-55.

He says that the family is not dealing well with the loss.

“It is almost like a nightmare and it hasn’t ended,” said Archie.

Fraizer’s cousins say they are going to focus on the good times they shared together.

“He was fun, playful, and rough sometimes,” said Kamaiyah Brown.

“We were playing war and he fell and started crying but I made him feel okay,” said Haydenne Archie.

“He would come to grandma’s house and we would play basketball,” said Kaleigh Jones.

In the tragic killing of his great nephew, David says he now wants to start a movement to stop the violence.

“To get people to understand, young people 16 to 30, you can’t do this,” Archie cried out. “You wreck too many families. You tear up too many homes.”

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