Nearly a week for some Warren County residents without water

WJTV: Culkin Water District

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) –  It’s been five days since a water main broke in the city of Vicksburg. The water is back on for most areas. However, the city remains under a boil water notice until further notice. It can be a headache for those not prepared.

Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace says with over 130 inmates using water 24 hours a day being unprepared is just not an option. “The jail is not something you can just close like a business, it has to be open, and it has to be running,” says Pace. “The Bovina Fire Department brought us a portable water tank, and we were using that for flushing, and the kitchen staff automatically went to a box lunch type meal with disposable utensils, so you’re not utilizing any dish washing.” There are 300 gallons of drinkable water on site.

However, for many people in the Culkin Water District didn’t think they needed a similar plan. Denita Robinson lives on Savage Road in Vicksburg. “It’s been about three or four days no water, all I had was just a little pressure at first, but now it’s just completely out,” explains Robinson.

Officials say there is so much water being used crews are having trouble building back the water pressure. They’re working to restore that water pressure hopefully by Sunday night or Monday morning.

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