Warren County Water Woes

WARREN COUNTY, Miss. – Water in the River City has been restored, but now people nearby in the county are getting through day five without water.

The Mayor of Vicksburg says they used water from Culkin Water District and now Culkin is without water because of a broken valve.

Taps are running dry in part of Warren County on the Culkin water supply, officials point to a valve as the problem.

“It’s frustrating, but we can deal with it…we’ve done it before,” deli owner, Randall Mauck said.

Dealing with it is what Mauck and his employees have been doing since the water was shut off Thursday afternoon.

Mauck owns a deli, and a most of what he does requires water; water he is now bringing in from his family home nearby.

“So we’re able to bring water up here to boil and cook with, wash up with, flush the toilets,” Mauck explained.

Just a few feet away from the store a neighborhood is getting creative with how to use and save water during this outage.

Marion Hoover tells me he filled this five gallon drum to keep the toilets flushing.

“We’ve got bottled water we bought to drink, kind of wish we get a little water down here to where we could take a shower,” Hoover said.

According to Culkin Water District the outage comes from continued excessive usage and pressure loss, something they say happened after sharing water with Vicksburg last week.

“It be better if we knew a round about time of when it was going to be back on it’s been four days now five o’clock every afternoon it’s supposed to be on,” resident Jacob Morgan said.

Morgan says after renting a hotel room for the weekend, his wife and newborn baby girl have been getting by with bottled water.

Now he has a message to the company he pays for water.

“Don’t put yourself in a bind trying to help someone else that’s the main thing about it,” Morgan said. “We pay their bills not the city of Vicksburg they need to make sure we’re taken care of first.”

Tuesday Culkin posted to Facebook, ‘Culkin Water now has sufficient pressure in most of the District. There are a few areas that continue to have low pressure and even no water. Crews are working diligently to resolve these matters.’

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