Mississippi River expected to crest soon

WJTV Photo

VICKSBURG, Miss (WJTV) – The mighty Mississippi is continuing to get higher and higher in Warren County, and with higher waters comes more road closures including Highway 465. Warren County EMA, John Elfer says “Chickasaw, Long Lake, subdivision areas around Pittman Road, Ziegler Road, Lanny Camp Road” are all closed due to the waters.

Officials predicted the river to crest at 48 feet last Friday, but that has changed multiple times since. Elfer says, “we are constantly and by constantly, I’m meaning hourly receiving the most updated information. It could come sooner it could go out further it could lower or it could be a little bit higher.”

Right now officials believe the river will crest at 48.8 feet on Saturday, but just because the river crests doesn’t mean the headaches are over. “Don’t expect it on the day that it crests to be gone, its gonna be a slow, gradual process, there’s gonna be all kind of debris left behind, man-made debris as well as trees sticks and limbs and hazards like that, it took a while to get there and it takes a while to leave,” according to Elfer.

Officials tell us they expect the flooding to continue into the month of June.


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