Consumer’s Guide to Insurance and Auto Body Repair announced by AG Hood

Attorney General Jim Hood

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Attorney General Jim Hood announced the release of the Consumer’s Guide to Insurance and Auto Body Repair Thursday.

“Our Consumer Protection Division receives complaints from consumers about disputes between insurance companies and collision repair shops,” said General Hood. “Due to the lighter space age materials used in newer model cars, the repair procedures, machines, and training for collision repair technicians are very technical and expensive.  In order to place a vehicle back in its pre-accident condition, some body shops have to buy expensive machines or tools and have their technicians trained and certified on the repair procedures for certain makes of vehicles.  Some collision repair shops which do not obtain these certifications and tools, may offer to do a repair cheaper.  The goal of the insurance companies is to keep repair prices as low as possible.  Therein lies the conflict for consumers to navigate. Our goal is to help consumers be aware of issues and understand their rights in the repair process.”

The AG’s Office convened the Mississippi Auto Repair Task Force in August 2016. It;s goal was to give consumers some guidance on navigating the relationship between the collision repair and insurance industry.

The guide addresses what consumers should expect from their insurance companies and auto body repair shops, how to choose a shop, and the different types of repair costs and warranties.

Read the full guide here.

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