Celebration of Life service for Kingston Frazier

6-year-old Kingston Frazier

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Family and friends are saying goodbye to 6-year-old Kingston Frazier.

His Celebration of Life ceremony started at noon at the Morning Star Baptist Church in Jackson.

Hundreds of people gathered at the church to pay their respects to Kingston.

“At six, seven, eight years old, your life is just getting started,” said David Archie, Kingston’s great-uncle. “We are not going to tolerate it. We are not going to tolerate it here in our communities. We’re not going to tolerate it in our parks. We are not tolerating it anywhere where young folks exist.”

The family is asking the President and the Attorney General to create a law that would expedite the court process for anyone accused of hurting a young child, like Kingston. They said this is a way to preserve his memory and hold people accountable.

“A day like today happens too often in cities like ours, and it is unfortunate that we talk about it as if it is common,” said Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber.

The Friends of Fallen Riders bike club supported the family by escorting them to the church Friday morning.

Kingston was kidnapped in Jackson on May 18 and was found dead in Madison County. Three people have been arrested and charged with capital murder in connection with the crime.

His family decided to acknowledge the day as his Graduation into Heaven. Kingston was supposed to participate in a promotion ceremony from Kindergarten the day he was killed.

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