Keeping the Reservoir clean

BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV) – If you’re driving on spillway road in Brandon you may have passed a sign about littering.

Othis Johnson casts a reel into the reservoir just about 6 times a week, he says “I stop in the morning times I stop in the evening time, this is what I do, my pass time is fishing.” But Johnson says his pass time is sometimes interrupted when a dirty fishing area becomes more than just an eye sore, “you know sometimes when its a chicken liver and that really stinky, and so when that’s on the ground and the heat
and it’s a terrible smell so it makes you wanna move out of a good fishing spot into another spot just to bear the smell.”

Christopher Lockhart is another weekly visitor of the Rez. He says this has been a problem for as long as her can remember, but takes it upon himself to pick up what others have left, “I do a little cleaning up before hand before any out of towners and people who are coming to visit the area come out and take a look at it because that’s not a good look for the state of Mississippi.”

But with the placement of the signs people say they have seen a difference. Lockhart says, “there’s been different groups and volunteers that have come out, and have made efforts to clean up the area and so I think they’re starting to get the point across.”


We are working to find out who put up these signs.

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