15-year-old says he ‘played dead’ in order to survive Lincoln County shooting spree

LINCOLN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) —  WJTV is learning more about the victims of the weekend shooting rampage.

The mother of one of those boys described it as a nightmare she can’t wake up from. The alleged shooter, Willie Corey Godbolt, was related to the people he killed.

18-year-old Jordan Blackwell was one of the juvenile’s killed. His parents said he looked up to Godbolt.

Blackwell and 11-year-old Austin Edwards were shot at the home on Coopertown Road. This is where police say Godbolt made his second stop in that violent crime spree.

15-year-old Caleb Edwards was inside the home when we’re told Godbolt started shooting from outside the house.

Caleb says he and his brother Austin, and his cousin Jordan tried to run and hide but Godbolt came in and started shooting. He says Jordan shielded him from the bullets. Godbolt asked Jordan where his parents were and he told them Bogue Chitto. Caleb says Godbolt shot Jordan right then.

And it was what Caleb did next that kept him alive.

“I played dead,” Caleb said. “Couldn’t do nothing else I tried my best not to say nothing. I tried not to get up or fight back. I wanted to because that’s my little brother over there getting shot. How do I not help my little brother and my cousin? He always had my back.”

Caleb said he wants to make his brother and his cousin proud.

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