Attorney General Announces Effort to Fight Cyber Crime Against Children

Attorney General Jim Hood. (File Photo)

JACKSON, Miss — Attorney General Jim Hood announced Operation Broken Heart Mississippi on Wednesday, which has already lead to the execution of 15 search warrants and 11 arrests in the past two months in an effort to fight cyber crime.

Since taking office in 2004, General Hood’s Cyber Crime Division has tested more than 7,000 devices for digital evidence of criminal activity, leading to hundreds of convictions.  The Cyber Crime Division is home to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) program, which targets online child predators. Since its inception, the Cyber Crime Division has been the model unit for developing cyber crime units in other states.

The Attorney General’s ICAC Task Force is made up of 60 local, state and federal law enforcement affiliate agencies with a purpose of enhancing efforts to identify and arrest child predators. His office is home to one of the country’s leading Cyber Crime Divisions. Their success during the years highlight the continued battle against dangerous child predators and underscores the importance of continued legislative funding for this division, as well as other vital efforts to combat crime in Mississippi.

“Protecting children from sexual predators and adults from cyber crime scams and other cyber predators is my passion,” said General Hood. “It is our mission and duty to champion those who are not able to protect themselves. Unfortunately, our efforts to aggressively investigate and prosecute these perpetrators have become entangled in the current budget mess at the Capitol.”

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