1 year later, Rankin County man still missing

Reward goes up for information about the disappearance of Josephy Sky Burnley

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — 27-year-old Joseph Skylar Burnley of Rankin County was last seen in early June of 2016 before being reported as missing.  One year has passed and there is still no information regarding Burnley’s whereabouts.

The family has decided to raise the reward for any information regarding Burnley to $20,000.

Authorities say Burnley went missing with a friend in a wooded area near Bridges Road in Rankin County while searching for the friend’s stolen vehicle.  Burnley never came out.

Burnley’s mother Stacy Cook says she still struggles with her grief and is desperate for any information regarding her son.
“Nothing goes on for a year and somebody does not know something and doesn’t tell somebody else,” she said. “There is at least one person that knows.”

If you have any information regarding Burnley, please call Crime Stoppers at (601) 355-8477.

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