Special session 2017 costing taxpayers over $70K for first day

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippi lawmakers will head back to the Capitol Monday, June 5, to pass budgets for the Mississippi Department of Transportation and the Attorney General’s office.

“We’re calling on citizens to contact their legislators before Monday’s special legislative session and ask them to replace put back that four million dollars that our office desperately needs to continue to provide these services,” says Attorney General Jim Hood in a press conference Wednesday. He claims the Victim’s Compensation Fund and the Cyber Crime Division have taken financial hits in the past two years,”…all these programs that have been funded before the legislature diverted the money,” adds Hood.
“The Attorney General, to my knowledge has never seen an opportunity to reduce government spending. He wants to tax people more and he wants to spend more. If it is a priority within his budget he will have the resources available to spend on it. If he chooses to spend those resources in other places which is often what happens in state government then that’s a choice that he’s going to have to deal with,” that was Lt. Governor Tate Reeves’s response when asking if Hood’s cyber crime division important.

Another budget for lawmakers to tackle in the special session, MDOT. The department is currently working with $3 billion worth of contracts.

“The $1.2 billion budget that was agreed to during the regular session is something that they need us to pass and it needs to pass quickly going in to June 30th, which is the end of the fiscal year,” adds Reeves. The Republican says they wouldn’t even need this special session, which will cost taxpayers $70,312 for the first day. If the special session goes beyond a day, then it’s $48,107 for each day after the first day.
“This is a special session that I don’t think we should be having. I think that the budgets could have been passed during the regular session that didn’t happen in the House of Representatives. That’s water under the bridge. Hopefully we can come to a quick agreement on these few budget bills, get out of Jackson and get back to doing the taxpayers work,” says Reeves.

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