USM students studying abroad during London attacks

An helicopter lands on London Bridge after an attack in central London, Saturday, June 3, 2017. Armed British police rushed to London Bridge late Saturday after reports of a vehicle running down pedestrians and people being stabbed nearby. (Dominic Lipinski/PA via AP)

LONDON, Miss.(WJTV) – Close to 120 USM students in the study abroad program arrived in London just a day before at least 7 people were killed in what officials are calling a terrorists attack.

Dr. David Davies, USM’s study abroad program director says, “we were walking home to the tube stop about 10 o clock when we heard of the attack.” That’s when Dr. Davies says they returned to the dorms and put their security protocol into action, “and over the course of the next two hours we were able to confirm that all of our students were safe, most of the students were very very concerned as you would imagine, a few were quite upset, but with the light of day today things have kinda returned to normal.”
But as the trip continued Dr. Davies says some things shifted after the attack, “it’s definitely less crowded today, in the wake of the attacks then they would be on a typical Sunday in London I’m thinking that many folks chose to stay at home as things settle down.”

But despite the attack the students decided they want to finish their trip, “one of the stated aims of terrorism is to disrupt our daily lives, and to the extent that we can carry on in our educational aims to take our classes to continue to move forward, were countering terrorism as much as we possibly can,” says Dr. Davies.


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