Legislators join for special session to finish budget

UPDATE 6/5/2017 10:55 P.M.:

Lawmakers wrapped up the special session tonight saving taxpayers about $70,000.

Legislators worked well in to the night voting on bills that would fund different departments and agencies.

Lawmakers passed a bill that will take money from special funds and put it in the general fund.

That could potentially give $4 million back to the attorney general’s office.

Lawmakers also passed a bill that will give state aide roads and construction….. $30 million for bridge and road repair.

Lawmakersalso filed a motion to suspend Representative Karl Oliver.

He made headlines when he posted that officials should be “lynched” for removing Confederate monuments on his Facebook page.

A vote was taken and the motion did not pass.


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Legislators have begun the special session to set in place the final pieces of a $6 billion budget.

The House has sent a budget for the Attorney General’s Office and the Mississippi Department of Transportation to the Senate.

Attorney General Jim Hood requested $4 million more than legislators considered giving his office during the regular session.

That would cover a portion of the budget cuts from the past two years. The bill that passed the House did not fulfill that request.

MDOT is asking for a $1.2 billion budget.

Gov. Phil Bryant wants the state to increase the savings in the Rainy Day Fund.

The first day of the special session will cost more than $70,000.

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