Large contraband bust at Bolivar County Regional Correctional Facility

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) –Officials with the Mississippi Department of Corrections made a large contraband bust at the Bolivar County Regional Correctional Facility on Tuesday.

Authorities said they confiscated 54 packages of tobacco, 47 cellphones, 83 cell phone chargers, 27 sets of headphones, four shanks, two knives, pills, tennis shoes, marijuana, cigarettes, and cigars.

This is one of the largest contraband busts that MDOC has made this year. Officers found large amounts of canteen items, which generally indicates that the inmates could be using the items for illegal means or personal gains.

“Pending an investigation and the findings provided to MDOC, I have requested that this facility be placed on lockdown,” Commissioner Pelicia E. Hall said. “Finding such a large amount of contraband, especially after the facility recently did its own shakedown, is disturbing. I expect all facilities in the MDOC system to have zero tolerance for contraband. Otherwise, neither staff nor inmates are safe.”

Another familiar sight was the use of the Bible to store contraband, officials said. Another unique discovery was a cell phone charger hidden inside a salt and pepper shaker.

“Sometimes inmates’ creativity to break the law while incarcerated is astounding,” Hall said. “Therefore, MDOC must continue to use a variety of means, including shakedowns and lockdowns, to address the flow of contraband.”

Bolivar County Regional is one of 15 such facilities in the statewide prison system. It had 294 inmates as of early this morning; it can hold a maximum 369 inmates.

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