Counterfeit money circulating in metro

JACKSON, Miss. – A WJTV employee fell victim to counterfeit money circulating across this metro. This comes after the employee sold his Xbox to a gentleman in Jackson.

The employee admitted to not checking the payment but when he went to deposit the cash into an ATM it was rejected.

“You hold that bill up to any type of light source with the naked eye you will be able to see if it has that security strip in there. If it doesn’t that should be a red flag right there that you’re dealing with someone who’s in possession of counterfeit money and at that particular time the best thing to do is cancel whatever type of transaction. You’re making with them. You don’t necessarily have to let them know that you know they’re in possession of counterfeit money,” says Commander Tyree Jones with the Jackson Police Department.

A report was filed Thursday with JPD about the incident.

Distributing or making counterfeit money can lead to federal charges.


“They can face federal charges as well, depends on the type of transaction, how much money they’re in possession of if they’re connected to a larger ring,” says Jones.

Here are a few tips if you encounter counterfeit money: 

– Do not return the notes to the passer

– Get a description of the passer along with a license plate number

– Limit handling the bills, place in an envelope

– Hand over counterfeit money to police or U.S. Secret Service


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