New Law Could Prevent Hot Car Deaths

MADISON, Miss. – There could be a new federal law on the way to protect kids in hot cars.

Helping Overcome Trauma For Children Alone in Rear Seats is the Act’s official name.

The authors are calling it a critical piece of legislation that could prevent children from being injured or killed in hot cars.

Under this Act the U.S Department of Transportation would have to issue a final rule for cars to have an alert system.

This system would alert the driver if there is still a passenger in the back seat.

“Nothing beats just using some sort of a reminder that you do have a child in the backseat,” Madison Community Educator and Paramedic, Lisa Garforth said. “We don’t need to get complacent where we have an alarm..we still need to be vigilant.”

According to U.S. representative Jan Schakowsky, since 1990 nearly 800 children have died from heatstroke in vehicles.

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