Whispering Woods Apartments in Vicksburg up for sale

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) — The owner of an abandoned apartment complex in Vicksburg is putting the property up for sale for $1.2 million.

Vicksburg city leaders are excited for the chance to possibly renovate the area, but WJTV found out the pictures, and description of the apartment complex on the website tell a different story than the current state of Whispering Woods Apartments.

The seller of Whispering Woods Apartment Complex describes the area as a 35-acre majestic property along with a picture of what it might have looked like years ago. However, today it’s a different story.

“That apartment complex has been an eyesore to this community and the city of Vicksburg ever since I’ve been here,” Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs said.

With boarded up windows, overgrown weeds, and trash across the property Mayor George Flaggs calls the empty apartment complex a safety hazard.

He says he’s glad the owner has decided to sell.

“If nobody comes in and invest in this property we’re going to have to go to court and have it condemned and have it we can not continue to let it under our control,” Flaggs said.

Though the seller admits the property is in need of rehab, they fail to mention several units in the complex have either burned down or been vandalized.

“It has potential to be anything that a new development wants to be,” he said. “It’s in a great location, and it’s a great property in the city of Vicksburg it’s just that the previous owner has not put the dollars in it or the capital in it that they should have to keep it up.”

The mayor says he’s already received several calls from people interested in the property.

He hopes someone will buy the property off of Highway 61 and turn it into something Vicksburg can be proud of.

“Another apartment complex and especially an up to date modern apartment complex for modern to low-income people would be great for us. That’s what we need because we can not continue to demolish that houses that we demolish and not have a place for these people to live,” The Mayor explained.
The website shows the complex was listed on May 31st.

WJTV reached out to the broker listed on the website but have not yet heard back. We have not been able to contact the owner of the property either.

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