Contraband confiscated during shakedown at Winston-Choctaw County Correctional Facility

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WJTV) — Mississippi Department of Corrections confiscated a large amount of contraband during a surprise shakedown at the Winston-Choctaw County Correctional Facility in Louisville.

Authorities went to the facility Thursday morning and found nine cellphones, seven phone chargers, three cellphone batteries, 11 ear buds, and one shank. They also found four packs of tobacco, three packs of spice, one bag of crystal meth, three bags of chewing tobacco, several pairs of free world shoes and a large amount of canteen.

“Getting rid of all contraband in a prison system with nearly 19,000 inmates may seem impossible,” Commissioner Pelicia E. Hall said. “However, stemming the flow definitely is possible. I think we have been decreasing the amount and will continue to do so with these shakedowns.”

THis is the eighth of the 15 regional facilities to be searched and occurred a week after MDOC made one of its largest contraband seizures during a shakedown at Bolivar County Regional in Cleveland.

The facility currently has 220 inmates; its maximum population is 280 inmates.

All facilities will be searched in the contraband crackdown, dubbed Operation Zero Tolerance.

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