Reservoir Rental Battle

(WJTV) — An ordinance that was recently tabled at a Pearl River Valley Water Supply District board meeting would eliminate short-term vacation rental properties at The Rez.

Those for the ordinance say there are issues of parking, trash and simply not knowing who’s coming and going in their residential neighborhoods.

The water district has received nearly a dozen complaints from neighbors especially in the forest point subdivision.

However, for those leasing properties as weekend homes or rental homes say it’s a great opportunity to capitalize on a great location.

“We have fisherman that travel all over that use the Reservoir and we would rather be able to monitor the people that come into our area as opposed to, let’s say to people that would destroy your house,” said Dee Dempsey, who is against the ordinance.

“People who own property out here don’t live out here so they can’t really keep up so they can’t keep up with their renters as well as they should be able to,” said Russell Griffith, who wants a change in the renter policy.

Residents can voice there concerns at

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