Video: Suspect escapes arrest from JPD officer

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson police officer is left lying next to his car while a suspect runs away. The incident was caught on camera.he shaky video was taken across the street from the attempted arrest.

The shaky video was taken across the street from the attempted arrest.

In the upper right-hand corner, both men tussle on the ground. About ten seconds later, the suspect frees himself from the grip of the officer and takes off to the left.

Police say he was being arrested for multiple misdemeanor warrants. But, the officer was only able to get one handcuff on before things took a turn.

“Unfortunately things happen from time to time. Police officers are not perfect, and this was an example where this arrest was not a perfect arrest,” Police Chief Lee Vance said.

Because of recent police brutality, many are recording interactions like this more often. Typically it’s to monitor what officers are doing.

“You know there are over 18,000 police jurisdictions in the United States of America, and each is operated by a different individual,” Chief Vance said.

Chief Vance adds that in his camp, he’s promoting professionalism, “Now one might say if you’re professional the guy may not have gotten away from the officer in the first place. But again, I reemphasize there’s a human element involved in what we do.”

The officer wasn’t injured. Nor did the escape last long. Thirty minutes later, he turned himself into the precinct. “I guess he couldn’t figure out a way to get that one handcuff off,” Chief Vance said.

The suspect in that video is Debrico Wwilliams, 23. In addition to his misdemeanor warrants, he now faces charges for simple assault on an officer and resisting arrest.

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