Supporters rally behind the Mississippi flag

Photo Credit: AP Graphics

MCCOMB, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi state flag was removed from McComb city property Thursday…the flag wasn’t originally on the agenda but was added before two board members made it to the meeting.

Supporters of the Mississippi state flag lined the street in front of McComb’s City Hall…where that state flag is no longer flying.

Flag supporter Richard Fortenberry says, “the number one goal for us is to be peaceful number one we want everything we do and say to glorify God, and support our flag and support our state and support our town and to send a message.”

Three of the city’s selectmen voted quickly to take it down. One voted for the flag to stay, and two selectmen weren’t there for the vote. Some people want the flag, with its confederate emblem, to stay down. Donovan Hill, Ward 4 Selectmen says, “if one group of people is displeased with it, it makes them, if they walk up on a city property and they have this ill feeling about it, then the other side should want to take it down.”

Supporters say to them the flag is about history, “it’s about heritage, not about hate its about everyone’s equal not about one color,” says Anthony Roberts.

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