Monitoring the Pearl River, Reservoir

(WJTV) — Storm Team 12 is keeping an eye on the Pearl River and the Reservoir Spillway Dam.

The water is higher than normal.

Pearl River Valley Water Supply District Executive Director John Sigman says the water in the Reservoir is up about an inch higher than normal.

They’re letting water out through the Spillway somewhat faster than usual.

On an average day, the Spillway moves 143 cubic feet of water per second. Wednesday, it was moving, moving 12,000 cubic feet per second to lower the reservoir.

However, that’s still not enough to flood the boat ramps.

“We don’t think we’re gonna have to increase the flow,” said John Sigman, of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District. “Frankly any at this point. But that can change in a few moments, but we don’t anticipate it.”

“We are going to get two to three inches of rain through Saturday and Sunday, and it’s not gonna let up until Monday. So, I’d recommend people check the weather before they go out and figure out what they’re getting into.”

Sigman recommends staying off the water as rain rolls through the weekend. But boat ramps and fishing areas like this one should remain open.

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