Rankin County officials make repairs to storm drain

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — As heavy rain makes its way through the Metro area, neighborhoods are getting ready.

Rankin County officials are working to prevent problems with too much water.

Crews were out early Wednesday morning, making repairs to a storm drain on Ashley Road.

“County road crew guys are out monitoring streams and ditches that surround those areas, so there is not any debris obstructing those waterways,” said Bob Wedgeworth, director of Rankin County EOC.

Wedgeworth says even though road crews are out clearing some areas, neighbors should be aware of the streams and ditches near their homes.

“With the water continuing to rise where those tributaries empty into, as those fill, there is nowhere for the water to run even if those ditches are clean,” he said.

Wedgworth also advises people who live in low- lying flood areas to have an evacuation plan and to never drive or walk through rising water.

“When you see knee deep water, you think well that’s really not that bad,” said Bob Wedgeworth, director of Rankin County EOC. “Well, it’s not as long as you’re standing verticle. but what if you slip and fell now that knee deep water puts you 2 feet under water.”

Wedgeworth says Rankin County Emergency Operations Center will be working around the clock until the storm is out of the area.


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