Vicksburg prepares for flooding, possible mudslides

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) — Like many areas across the state, the River City is preparing for flooding, but they also have to keep a close eye on mudslides.

The hilly terrain across Warren County makes it ideal for dangerous mud slides.

Back in April, Washington Street in Vicksburg was covered in slick mud after heavy rain caused several mud slides throughout the city. County and city leaders say it’s something they have to deal with every time it rains.

“Mudslides aren’t anything that we haven’t experience before…We’re always doing maintenance we’re always trying to make sure we mitigate for future events,” Warren County EMA Director, John Elfer said.

Unlike most counties around the state, John Elfer and his team have to maneuver around mudslides which can be both dangerous and costly.

“It would be so cost prohibitive that there’s no way possible that we could ever prevent all of them,” Elfer said. “Now the city and the county try to do things to mitigate that we keep the ditches clean we have equipment available in the event that we do need to get some type of front end loader we work with MDOT all the time.”

He warns people not to try and drive near an area that’s prone to sliding during heavy rain.

“If you get a hill that is elevated certainly maybe 200 or 300 feet above the road surface and it gets enough velocity, it potentially could knock a vehicle off the road. The biggest thing is people get stuck, and then they try to et out of their vehicle and expose themselves to more danger,” Elfer explained.

Mayor George Flaggs wants to make dredging his number one priority during his next administration.

Which is something he said he has already brought to the attention of state leaders.

He hopes to put at least a million towards infrastructure issues plaguing the king’s community, which is where several of those mudslides happen.

Elfer says if anyone in Warren County needs help with planning to call emergency management and they will help you.

He encourages everyone to sign up for the Code Red Alert system in Warren County as well.

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