Tropical storms can affect local seafood businesses

RIDGELAND, Miss.(WJTV) – Tropical storm Cindy made landfall Thursday before the storm was downgraded to a depression. While Cindy wasn’t as powerful as once predicted…damage was still done. But it’s what happens in the gulf that can affect how local seafood restaurants operate. When conditions are severe seafood suppliers can run into trouble…which can send costs up. Pete Efstratiou, co-owner of Crab Seafood Shack says, “they might be short on supplies and you know prices get raised and also, due to transportation costs and stuff like that and due to petroleum costs and things like that.”

But not all type of seafood are affected by these storms. Efstratiou says”fish can swim away from pollutants and stuff like that, and so can shrimp but they can only do it so far they’re usually in the marshes, where oysters are just right there they can’t move anywhere.”

He also says after going through hurricane Katrina in 2005 he believes the seafood business around the metro is ready for what mother nature may have in store, “because that was a really strong storm, and it just showed the resilience of everybody that works in the industry in the area and the gulf coast.”

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