House on Oakhurst Drive Vandalism Update

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Nearly two weeks ago, a Jackson family woke up to find their home and vehicles covered in racial slurs. The Smith family now tells us they are ready to move out of Jackson.

On June 10, 2017, Jermaine Smith and his wife found four of their vehicles covered in purple spray paint with words “KKK,” “Coon,” “White Power,” and several other obscene racial slurs. A report was filed with the Jackson Police Department but the investigation has gone cold. No arrests have been made and authorities have not been able to identify the person, or people responsible.

Across the street at Lester Elementary, words of hate were also spray painted on the school’s signs, a stop sign, and along Oakhurst Road. The school has since removed it.

The traumatic incident has taken a toll on his family that consists of seven children and has made daily routines difficult for them all.

“My kids are scared… some of them went to stay with other relatives. They’re scared to stay at home.”

People frequently stop and request pictures of the obscenities in disbelief and they cannot drive any of their vehicles because it attracts too much attention.

To remove the paint, Smith says it will cost up to $4,000, which the family cannot afford. The family hopes to move within the next couple of months.

If you’d like to help the family regroup, please click on their GoFundMe profile below:


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