Mississippi state flag fight at McComb meeting

MCCOMB, Miss. (WJTV) — Things got heated at a McComb City Council meeting last night.

Some people are upset about the city’s decision to remove the state flag.

McComb Selectman Albert Eubanks and Mayor Whitney Rawlings got into a heated exchange over a presentation of the state flag

Eubanks wanted to show a slideshow on how he views the state flag. He got some pushback from some city leaders, but after a recommendation from the city attorney, they allowed Eubanks to continue, but not before a grandmother left with her grandchild.

“I’m sorry mayor, I’m going to leave,” the attendee said. “I don’t want my grandchild to see this.”

Eubanks couldn’t get the powerpoint set up, but he did state his case why the state flag shouldn’t be flown.

“When I have to sit here and read this and tell you how our people were beaten and subjected to all kind of inhumane things, that’s what I feel,” said Eubanks.

Also in the packed meeting were supporters of the flag.

“I believe in it,” said James Worrly, who supports the state flag. “I don’t believe there is no race because I have every kind of race in my family. I’m here for the love of the South.”

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