Galloway Children’s Center Patriotic Parade

Photo: WJTV

JACKSON Miss. (WJTV) – Several children took over the streets of Downtown Jackson to celebrate the upcoming Fourth of July holiday in a parade put on by the Galloway Children’s Center.

Organizers tell us the parade was designed to teach students the importance of Independence Day and to build trusting relationships with law enforcement.

“Children at a young age should learn the role of the fire department and police departments and the sheriff,” said Board chair Jim Rosenblatt. “They should not be afraid of them but view them as their friends and supporters in government.”

In it’s 23rd year, kids all over the Magnolia state look forward to this event. Students dressed for the occasion, proudly displaying their red, white and blue attire.

The parade was led by Sheriff Victor Mason, Hinds deputies, and the Jackson Police Department. Sheriff Mason tells us “we want them to know that we aren’t the bad guys, we’re their friends and we’ll always be their friends.” Patriotism filled the air, as you could hear children excitedly chanting “USA!”

Jackson fire department brought out one of their trucks, allowing parents and children to take a ride during the parade.

Parent Matt Ichelberger says “it’s important that we all have good relationships with our fire departments and our police departments. It sometimes helps us cut down on misunderstandings between the two entities.”

The Galloway United Methodist Church Children’s Center was established out of an awareness of the need for a downtown childcare facility in Jackson. The center is a Christian Child Care program that provides individual care in a group setting. They have been operating for twenty-five years and are happy to note the parade has never been cancelled due to rain.


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