JPD conducts checkpoints during Operation Heat Wave

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) —  As the summer heats up so does the crime, and that’s why agencies from the Metro joined in on Operation Heatwave.

Authorities were out in areas of the Metro stopping cars, checking license and insurance.

Thursday was the second night officers were out conducting the operation.

Officers say they made nearly 60 arrests Wednesday night.

WJTV was there on Thursday night as they were conducting checkpoints.

“We had an aroma we believe smelled like marijuana,” said Sgt. Roderick Holmes.

They asked the man to step out as state police searched his vehicle.

“They asked him if he had been smoking at any point of the day and he admitted that he did,” he said.

No drugs were found, but he did get a couple of tickets.

“This gentleman was driving with no insurance no drivers license, and I believe he had an expired tag.”

“We are all in it together we are here to help each other, and the number 1 goal is to decrease the criminal element and keep the citizens safe,” Holmes said.

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