Gun Accident Prevention

JACKSON, Miss. – Since May, four accidental shootings have claimed the lives of two children and injured two others.

In these shootings officials say no adults were with the children when the guns were fired.

WJTV got answers from a local gun expert on how to prevent other accidental shootings.

cliff cargill, certified firearms expert:
“The children are getting their hands on those firearms somehow and that goes back to the adult,” Certified Firearm Expert, Cliff Cargill said. “It’s the adult’s responsibility to make sure they don’t get their hands on that firearm any more than they would let their kids handle a rattlesnake.”

Tuesday, 5-year-old Jeremiah Brown of Winston County died after the gun he was playing with went off. His death comes just four days after a 5-year-old Jackson boy shot himself in the face and later died.

There were also two other children injured in May and June by accidental gunshot firings.

“The reason you see the spike in that is because it is summer time and children are at home they’re not supervised and their not educated about firearms,” Cargill explained.

Cargill is a firearm expert he says you should always secure your firearm around children by locking it up or putting a trigger lock on it.

“Teach your child that if they encounter that if they encounter a firearm anywhere in your room, a friend’s or family member’s to stop, don’t touch, leave the area and tell an adult,” Cargill said.

Cargill tells us the difference between life or death for a child or anyone is education and access.

“We’re talking people that might have a mental disability, someone that doesn’t know how to handle a firearm,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if the child is 16 or 6, they’re still a child. The same goes for adults un-educated, non-qualified people can get their hands on it. That falls back to the owner of the firearm.”

Cargill says most gun accidents are avoidable.

For the tips on gun accident prevention you can visit

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