What’s Working: Luna the massaging kitten

FLORENCE, Miss. (WJTV) — Most pet owners like to keep their animals looking good. Trips to the salon can be stressful for some dogs, but a local groomer has a new assistant that is sure to put man’s best friend at ease. Amanda’s Pet Salon in Florence takes pampering to whole new level with the help of an adorable and very hardworking kitten.

5-month-old Luna has called Amanda’s Pet Salon home since she was just eight weeks old. Originally brought in as a mouser, Luna’s other talents quickly emerged.

Salon owner Amanda Schmitz explains, “I call it making biscuits or making a bed. She literally moves around the dog and rubs their shoulders and rubs their backs and I don’t know if she is doing it to calm them down or make them feel better.”

Bookkeeper Valerie Schmitz remembers, ” It started out 1 paw, and then, before you know it, it’s both, and then before you know it, she was just moving around massaging, so we thought it was the cutest thing.”

Luna still has her claws, but never digs them into a dog. She can tell right away if a canine will be receptive to her efforts.

“She gets up there with them and they kind of sniff at each other and she starts working on them and they love it,” said Amanda Schmitz.

About half the dogs that come in meet Luna’s standards. Tales of the massaging kitty having are popping up all over social media.

“And now, everybody that comes in, is like, ‘Can I get my dog massaged by the cat?’ New Customers, great marketing aspect,” Valerie Schmitz.

Most work days, Luna sees two or three lucky clients.

Amanda says she loves what she does, “She almost falls asleep when she is doing it, too. So obviously, her and the dogs are both enjoying it quite a bit.”

Whether she’s imitating her owner, or truly tapping into emotional needs of her four-legged friends, working with Luna is always a treat.
Luna has also tried her paw a paperwork, but that resulted in index cards being strewn across the office.

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