1 year later, Jackson homeowner still dealing with water leak

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A Jackson homeowner says he has been dealing with a consistent leak outside of his home for close to six years now.

WJTV 12 first introduced you to Tony Catchings one year ago when there was a major water main break outside of his home on Crepe Myrtle Drive.

Since then, the city has patched up the hole that was several feet deep, but Catchings says the piping underneath has continued to leak.

The constant flow of water has caused the ground around the pipe to soften, which is a safety concern for him and his family.

To make matters worse, he says his water bill is out of control. Last year when we met him it was $3,000. It has now grown to $5,000.

Catchings, who has lived in the home for close to 30 years, says city workers argued that the problem was on his property. He said he hired a plumber to come in and redo the pipes. Catchings said that work cost him close to $3,000 and the water never stopped leaking.

The City of Jackson is aware of the problem. We aren’t aware of any plans for them to fix it at this time.

Below is the 2016 interview Catchings did about the problems on his street.


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