Church members upset after road leading to church blocked by construction

UPDATE: Developers say they are trying to work with a Madison County church after members complained about a road block.

David Landrum said Greater Livingston Missionary Baptist Church will have a new paved road once the construction is complete. View the first video for the update.

Flora, MISS. (WJTV)– Some members of a Flora church are upset after a road leading to their church was blocked by construction. They say they feel their new pathway way is an inconvenience and safety hazard.

A new shopping center is being built near Greater Livingston Missionary Baptist Church but, construction has cut off their two-lane road leading from Highway 22 directly to the church.

Renee Chapman, a member of Greater Livingston MB Church, says “Around the end of April, we came to church the road was blocked off with boulders and a big pipe.”

Now there’s a small pathway that’s only big enough for one car. The church can’t be seen from the Highway. Visitors much go through the shopping and down a hill to get to the church.

“It can sometimes be very confusing if you’ve not been here before,’ says Chapman.

Chapman says she is concerned that if there is a need for emergency vehicles at the church “they would not know how to come in.”

We’re told some members have reached out to the board of supervisors but so far nothing has been done. “The only thing we want is direct access from Hwy 22 to the church, as it was before they closed the road.”

Below is a statement from the developer, David Landrum.

“The Town of Livingston is continuing with the construction plan that was approved over five years ago by Madison County. We are fully permitted to do what we’re doing to rebuild the Town. We have communicated with the Church and have been told that we should communicate with Pastor Magee. We are putting the streets back where they were in 1829. Unfortunately, when you are making these kinds of improvements with streets and stormwater drainage, it requires good weather. We are continuing to communicate with the County and the Church and to complete this as expeditiously as possible.

The plans for Livingston Township were approved in 2011. We are and have been proceeding with the approved plans. We have always enjoyed a great relationship with the Greater Livingston Baptist Church and were surprised to learn of their complaints to the County. We are working with current county officials to address questions and concerns that have arisen. We are also happy to address the questions and concerns of the church, but have been advised by Pastor McGee to communicate directly with him regarding their concerns.”

WJTV reached out to the Madison County Board of Supervisors about the church’s limited access. We are still waiting on their response.

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