Despite Changes Fondren After 5 Thrives

JACKSON, Miss. – It is an event that takes place once a month but always draws a crowd.

The first Thursday of the month has been set aside for a block party of sorts, and even with changes it remains a staple in Jackson’s Art District.

“I’m from Brandon and Rankin County we really don’t have much to do out there,” one man said.

Since it’s creation the event has served not only as a showcase for local artist and local shops, but also as an economic boost.

“Fondren after five was started by Fondren Renaissance Foundation, probably gosh 20 years ago,” Paul Wolf of Fondren Renaissance said.

Back in March the event had a name change, but kept the same mission.

“Then for a while we had one of our merchants who came in and served as the creative director ran it for three years, two of those under a different name,” Wolf said. “Some people know it as Fondren’s first Thursday.”

This is a look at what Fondren’s first Thursday looked like back in 2015 organizers say since the name change it has downsized rotating businesses each month.

“The way that it works now, it is definitely more scaled back,” Wolf said. “But it gives people a chance to kind of pick and choose what events they want to be a part of I think before people came to every single event and it was very similar each and every time.”

Organizers say they want patrons to know Fondren after five is still running.

To check out upcoming events click here.

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