Secretary of State shares voter info to purge voter rolls

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) –  After telling President Trump’s advisory commission on election integrity to go “jump in the Gulf,” Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann admits to sharing voter information with other states.

“I don’t want a 300 million voter file in Washington, I’m opposed to that,” says Hosemann when it comes to sharing voter information with the federal government.

“The states have the right to conduct its own elections. That’s a state’s right to issue to me, and we have the right privacy.” An infamous letter, which Hosemann has yet to receive, requests voter names and addresses, social security numbers and birth dates.

“We have the right to protect your identity, and I’m just not going to send my information or the information of 1.8 million Mississippians to a Washington commission,” says Hosemann. “Think about how many things are getting hacked, asked the CIA or the Clinton campaign, do they think that’s a good idea? I just don’t.”

However, some voter information has been sent to a database in Arkansas for almost a decade. It’s part of an interstate cross-check program.

“I’m able to compare people voting in two states.”

Hosemann says it’s used to purge voter rolls to make sure the same person isn’t voting in two different states. “That information is secure it is destroyed at the end of the matching process so nobody today has the rolls of the state of Mississippi but the Secretary of State’s office and that’s the way I intend to keep it,” adds Hosemann.

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