Animal shelters dealing with the heat


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As the the summer months continue to bring the heat, animal shelters like CARA have to work even harder to make sure all their animals are taken care of. Erik Norman, CARA board member says, “we’re at a point we’re not taking any in because of the fullness but were working on trying to get as much as adopted as we can.”

And to combat the high temps and large number of animals in the shelter fans become essential. “Its so hot it’s like 3 footballs fields is how big our ware house is, where we have the dogs and with all the heat it’s really hard to keep them cool inside,” says Norman.

CARA volunteers also take extra steps when bringing any animal to a sidewalk or paved area. Volunteer Taylor Hawks, “in the wrap around kennel we always carry them just to make sure the concrete isn’t to hot for their paws.”

They also make sure they’re watching for warning signs,”if they start panting heavier that means that they are getting dehydrated and all,” says Norman.

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