Family hoping to get special needs scholarship

Public hearings set about Miss. school funding initiatives (Image 1)

CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Miss. (WJTV) – Three years ago after countless doctor appointments Pharis Newman discovered her daughter Parker has a genetic disorder…micro duplication, her mom says, “it just results in speech and language issues, learning disabilities, hearing and seeing issues with comprehension. So we knew it’d be a struggle for Parker as going into an adult.”

In an effort to get Parker the best education Newman took her daughter out of the school she was attending and enrolled her at New Summit…which she says was a perfect fit, “she walked in that first day and said momma i got a school now and I said you do have a school now and it went from that day on.”

But tuition can be expensive, so in an effort to help with the cost Newman applied for a scholarship provided by the Mississippi Department of Education. She says the first year Parker didn’t qualify but once those requirements changed
they were ready. “We immediately had that paper work we were waiting for the second we could turn it in, so we’re thinking our chances are going to be great were gonna do it,” says Newman.

But she got a letter with those same disheartening words. This year the department says there are 58 scholarships left to hand out. We’re told when the demand surpasses supply applicants names go into a lottery and out of more than 200 names the 58 are selected. Newman says, “they are causing us so much frustration, it just seems as if there would be an opportunity for everybody to get together for the good of the children and get it organized get it situated so all these children could go receive their better education.”

The next drawing for these scholarships is Friday.

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