K9 Officer injured during 5 hour manhunt in Warren County

Courtesy: Sheriff Martin Pace

WARREN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – A manhunt that lasted for more than five hours leads to one man behind bars and an injured K9 officer.

According to Sheriff Martin Pace, 26 year old Thomas Bruce Wilkerson is facing multiple charges including simple assault on a law enforcement officer and assault on a K9 officer.

Thomas Bruce Wilkerson

Pace says deputies pulled over Wilkerson Saturday afternoon for a traffic violation on Nailor Road. We’re told the driver didn’t stop immediately and drove the vehicle into a neighbor’s yard and took off running in a heavily wooded area.

Twenty minutes into the foot chase, Deputy Rick McDaniel and his partner Soldier spotted Wilkerson. Wilkerson managed to push McDaniel that’s when the deputy released Soldier to track down Wilkerson.

According to Pace, Wilkerson grabbed the K9 officer by the neck and tail and body slammed Soldier to the ground. Deputies continued to search for Wilkerson.

Around 8:00 Saturday evening Wilkerson was spotted again near Grange Hall Road where deputies took him into custody.

Pace says Wilkerson appeared to be “under the influence of something.” Authorities found a loaded syringe on the suspect as well.

K9 Officer Soldier is expected to be okay. Sheriff Pace says the officer is dealing with some soreness and an injury on his paw.

Wilkerson is in jail without no bond and will go for his initial appearance Monday morning.

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