Retired Marine familiar with planes speaks about aircraft that crashed

(WJTV) — We’re learning more details about the type of plane that went down in a Mississippi field in Leflore County

The plane that crashed and killed 16 service members was a KC-130T, which is a Modified Hercules C-130 that’s used as an aerial tanker by the Marine Corps.

We’re told this aircraft is used to fuel other aircraft while in the air and used to transport large cargo.

Retired Marine Evan Wahl spent 20 years in the Marine Corps and is familiar with these types of planes. He tells WJTV these models are used every day, and they are some of the safest planes in the Marine Corps inventory.

“My goodness, it’s one of the safest aircrafts in the inventory,” he said. “To hear something like that is really shocking. My heart really went out to those families.”

Wahl tells us the large plane has a Wingspan of over 100 feet.

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