Kids Brave Heat for Fun at Playgrounds

FLOWOOD, Miss. – It is summer time and things are heating up outside, but these hot temperatures aren’t keeping kids from playing outside.

We are in the thick of summer and on a day like today, it certainly feels like it. Even with these sizzling temperatures families are still finding ways to work around them.

“Mostly really hot and tiring,” Olivia Strawster said playing in the park.

“On hot days it’s really hot when the sun’s on it and it’s kind of hard to touch it,” Sanders Reeves added.

Playground equipment at parks is a hit for summer fun, but when it warms up it could be risky causing burns on skin especially in young children.

“It’s not really that hot, I mean it’s still kind of warm because of the heat but the sun’s not on it,” Sarah Coleman explained. “So it’s not as hot as the other equipment would be.”

Winners Circle Park in Flowood sees hundreds of kids in the summer, many come to this very well shaded playground for the plastic and rubber equipment on hot days.

“It’s more shade and it’s less hot,” Micah Lane said.

“I was born in the 70s and I remember when we grew up we had those hot metal slides out in the sun,” Amanda Coleman said sitting with her daughters in the park. “So surely don’t want that for your kids.”

“I don’t really mind the heat, I guess…but it gets hot and you have to hydrate more to be able to play more and have fun,” Sarah said.

Hydration is also key in protecting your kids in high heat.

“What I do to stay cool is drink a lot of cold water and popsicles, cold treats stuff like that,” Lane said.

We still have yet to reach record temperatures so brace yourself for warmer weather ahead.

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