Church collects donations for troops cleaning up plane crash site

LEFLORE COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — A Delta church gets an outpouring of support for a donation drive benefiting the troops working the scene of that deadly plane crash in Leflore County

There have been boots on the ground from the beginning of the catastrophe. Troops have been working around the clock in the sweltering heat, helping with the cleanup efforts and the investigation into what happened Monday.
Members of First United Methodist Church say it started with a conversation about what they could do to help and quickly grew.

“The sheriff’s department said snacks would be great, drinks would be great,” said Veronica Pritchard-Moorehead of First United Methodist Church. “Well then because of the wonderful hospitality in the Mississippi Delta, one person called another, and called another and called another and then just loads and loads and loads of snacks and drinks started coming in.”

The church has been collecting nonperishable foods, water, snacks, and drinks. They say they want to help the troops feel as comfortable as possible while they work.

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