Father of burned sanitation worker asks public to be mindful of trash

UPDATE: The sanitation worker badly burned on the job in Pearl last week is out of the hospital.

Percy Greenwood’s family tells WJTV he has been released from the hospital but will have to have another surgery next week.

PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – A Pearl sanitation worker who was badly burned on the job Tuesday evening is continuing to recover.

His parents tell WJTV they still don’t know what chemical caused the burns. They say Percy Greenwood, 25, was released from the hospital today, but he has a long road ahead of him before he can fully walk and work again.

The accident happened while he was collecting trash on North Bierdeman Road in Pearl.

“He made the statement that the coworker that was working with him pulled the hopper, which was the crusher to crush the garbage. And he mentioned that he told him not to do it at the time, because he hadn’t cleared the area. But when he cleared it, it crushed. And whatever it crushed, it spilled out on him…After a while he said he was sitting there. And then he could see the hairs and things just sliding off his legs,” Percy’s father, Samson Greenwood said.

The chemicals caused second and third degree burns on Greenwood’s right ear and arm. His legs received the worst burns. Now he can barely walk.

“Just a couple of days ago he was vibrant and moving and doing everything,” Greenwood said about his son. Now he is pleading with the public to be more mindful of what they throw in the trash, “Because those jobs may seem insignificant, but without those workers trash would be everywhere.”

According to family, Greenwood had one surgery to replace skin on his second degree burns Thursday. He will have another surgery next week to replace third degree burns.

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