JSU President Gives Update on Recovery Plan

JACKSON, Miss. – Jackson State University’s new president is closing out his second week on the job and changes have already taken place.

President Dr. William Bynum says more changes could be on the way.

“What I’m doing is, it’s still early of course only two-weeks into this administration some things you can assess easier than others,” Dr. Bynum said.

Getting out of a cash crunch $33-million in the hole that’s what the new J.S.U president is dealing with.

“Freezing 60 positions, when you’re cutting 60 positions that’s tough work and if anybody thinks it’s easy, you’re wrong,” Bynum said. “That’s part of the toughest decision you’re ever going to have to make as an administrator affecting someone’s livelihood.”

With just two weeks on the job Dr. Bynum is already rolling up his sleeves carrying out the plan left by interim President Dr. Rod Paige after the discovery of an 89% drop in cash reserves last fall.

“Those things again have all gone into effect, so as of July 1 those changes that the group reccommended,” Bynum said. “Those changes that were approved by the IHL on this last meeting are all taking effect.”

The school has seen both academic and administrative restructuring in several departments and offices, there were even changes to scholarships something bynum says could indirectly affect the schools money.

“That’s been our biggest challenge of course. When you change those scholarship policies it’s going to affect something,” he said. “We’re confident the admissions office is confident that although we’re seeing some decline in terms of applications and enrollment thus far ultimately the size of the freshmen class will be similar to what it has been in previous years.”

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