City of Byram appoints new fire chief

BYRAM, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s been just three days since Fred Green was promoted to fire chief of Byram, “it really hasn’t sunk in, but i think it’ll sink in maybe later on this week.” Now the first african american fire chief for the city–chief green says he’s been a fireman for 25 years now, he says, “I started in Clinton, i was the fire marshal in Clinton and I was in Clinton for about 18 years and I got called to come over here as the assistant chief and its gone from there.”

Chief Green says he received a call from the mayor Wednesday that he would be promoted to the position but just temporarily…or so he thought, “he looked at me and said this is not a temporary appointment, this is an appointment for the new fire chief, so it really just floored me, and thankful he has so much faith in me and believe that i can do that job.”

He says he plans to focus on the budget as one of his first tasks as chief, “once we do the budget and everything like that, there’s some small things we need to do at the department certain things s.o.p’s once we do that we’ll start rolling from there.”

Chief green says it might be a position he wasn’t expecting, but it’s an honor he won’t take lightly, “I just want to make sure i do the best thing for this department for the city and first of all for god and I think if I do that everything else will fall into place.”

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