MBN sends drugs up in smoke and off the streets

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Over the next 24 hours the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics will burn hundreds of pounds of drugs.

This is the final stop for drugs collected by the M.B.N.

“We burn everything from prescription drugs to cocaine, to marijuana and methamphetamine. It literally is no limit to the drugs we burn,” M.B.N Director, John Dowdy.

We are told drug destruction for the entire state and even some federal agencies happens at the M.B.N Headquarters.

The drugs are sent after used as evidence or taken back in community drug disposal programs.

“Then once the case is closed the drugs are then brought to headquarters or by other law enforcement agencies,” Dowdy said. “They’re brought here and we schedule a time once we get a shipment to burn.”

Dowdy says roughly 12 tons of drugs are burned every year, with burns scheduled every other week.

Temperatures inside the incinerator range from a smoking 1,300 to 1,800 degrees farenheit.

“Vaporize everything in there to the point where it’s just fine ash, and then once that’s done we’ll clean that up and we have a disposal bin we’re able to put the ash in,” Dowdy explained.

Right now this is the state’s only incinerator funded with grant money. Dowdy says this incinerator cuts out the middle man saving local and state agencies money on disposal and saving taxpayers.

“Offering this service to agencies across the state, we are literally saving the taxpayers, hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars,” Dowdy said.

The incinerator is regulated through the Department of Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency.

M.B.N is looking to expand the incineration program, by bringing two other burners to the state.

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